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Every day, maybe several times a day, I would log into my iGoogle account and read the latest marketing posts in my Google Reader widget. It is one of my daily habits that I always enjoy and it makes me feel like I’m learning something new each day.

That was, until Google pulled the plug on Google Reader.

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Hybrid Connect Box Shot

Every marketer will tell you that building a mailing list is essential. There is really no way around it. Over time it will grow to become your most targeted traffic source which makes it an important asset for you to build up as soon as possible.

I’ve used many different popular wordpress plugins over the years to build my own mailing list. Popup Domination and Optin Skin being two of my favorites. While they are both decent products, I’ve just recently started playing with Hybrid Connect and I’ve been really blown with what you can do with it.

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Google Penguin

When the first Google Penguin update struck back in April, many of us were hit by the anchor text over-optimization penalty. All that work that we put into link building for the past couple of years, actually ended up biting us in the ass.

Gone are the days where ranking in the top spots required 50-70% of our anchor text links to be using our targeted keyword.

Now, any keywords at that level now are no doubt stuck in Google purgatory.

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